Blockchains of the Sia family

Following Nebulous's decision to perform a hard fork (on October 31, 2018) to drop all non-Obelisk ASICs from the Sia network, three alternatives have emerged for the owners of non-Obelisk miners: Hyperspace, SiaClassic, and ScPrime (originally SiaPrime). In the table below we have summarized some of their most important aspects, to help you decide where to move your miners. (If you find any inaccuracy, please send us an email!)


SiaMining has set up a mining pool for each of the 3 Sia derivatives, giving miners full freedom to decide what to mine. The switch can be performed by simply changing the port number in your miner's configuration.

Here are the direct links to the pools:

Pool closed
Pool closed
Pool closed

Comparison Table

Full disclosure: SiaMining is not affiliated with any of the projects below. In order to remain neutral, we have declined any monetary contribution (in any form, including premines) from these projects.

Sia Hyperspace SiaClassic ScPrime[11]
Project status Active Abandoned Abandoned Active
Announcement 2014-05-01 2018-06-28 2018-10-13 2018-10-15
Launch date 2015-06-06 2018-07-25 2018-10-31 (block 179,000) 2018-10-30
Project Leader David Vorick (Taek42) Mark Huetsch (Toaster) Jason Gantt (Siatoshi) Kenneth Bell (FaustianAGI)
Ticker symbol SC (Siacoin) XSC (Spacecash)[1] SCC[2] SCP
ASIC restrictions Obelisk only
(after block 179,000)
None None None
Fork type Original project Forks Sia's codebase
Starts new blockchain
Airdrop 1:10 (at launch)
Continues the Sia blockchain
after the Sia ASIC hardfork
Forks Sia's codebase
Starts new blockchain
Airdrop max 1:5[3] (delayed[4])
Approved by Nebulous
Block time 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes
Initial block subsidy 300,000 60,000 300,000 300[12][5]
Minimum block subsidy 30,000
(block 270,000)
(block 270,003)
(block 270,000)
(block 290,000)
Allocation at launch
None 3.5B for airdrop
3B to founder
540M to 10 developers
60k to 6 contributors
840k to 7 pools
None 7.4M for airdrop
2.6M for host/renter incentives
         and exchange listings
300k to Nebulous
200k for expenses
51k to pools
Dev fee
(from block subsidies)
None 10% None (currently)
10% (planned)[6]
20% (first 30,000 blocks)
Linear decay from 20% to 10%
10% burnt[9] (after block 105,000)
Siafunds 88% to Nebulous
12% to investors
Removed Same as Sia
(may change[7])
Adds 200% new funds
for the ScPrime team[10]
Storage contract fee 3.9% n/a 3.9% 15%[10]
Total supply
after 1 year
42.7B 9.9B
Dev fees: 288M (2.9%)
Premine: 3.5B (35%)
Dev fees: 498M (1.2%)
Dev fees: 2.8M (11.2%)
Premine: 3.2M (12.8%)
Total supply
after 3 years
46.6B 14B
Dev fees: 697M (5%)
Premine: 3.5B (25%)
Dev fees: 887M (1.9%)
Dev fees: 4.4M (9.8%)
Premine: 3.2M (7.2%)
Total supply
after 10 years
57.6B 17.4B
Dev fees: 1.04B (6%)
Premine: 3.5B (20%)
Dev fees: 1.99B (3.5%)
Dev fees: 4.4M (7.9%)
Premine: 3.2M (5.7%)
Exchanges About 20 C-Patex (since 2018-10-16)
BiteBTC (since 2018-11-05)
SafeTrade (since 2018-11-08)
WKJ (since 2018-11-10)
QBTC (since 2018-11-04)
ExNow (since 2018-11-06)
SouthXchange (since 2019-06-04)
C-Patex (since 2019-08-20)
Social r/siacoin
SiaMining Pool Sia Pool Closed Closed Closed


  1. The ticker symbol SPACE has also been proposed, even though it is already used by the unrelated (but apparently abandoned) Spacecoin (source).
  2. Not to be confused with SiaCashCoin, an unrelated ERC20 (Ethereum) token widely considered to be a scam. The ticker symbol SIA was initially proposed by the SiaClassic Foundation.
  3. SiaPrime initially announced a tiered airdrop (1:1 for Sia addresses under 100k SC, 1:2 under 1M, 1:5 over 1M). This was changed on 2018-10-29 (the day before launch) in favor of a 1:5 airdrop to all Sia addresses. The following statement was also added to the official website: “We may limit large exchange address grants as these tokens may never be distributed.”
  4. The airdrop was distributed manually 4 weeks after launch. A total of 2.9B SCP was distributed to SC holders, based on a snapshot taken at block 179,000. An additional 4.6B SCP, corresponding to addresses identified as being controlled by exchanges, have not been distributed but rather moved to cold wallets.
  5. The initial block subsidy of SiaPrime was initially announced as 360,000, but changed to 300,000 on launch day (2018-10-30).
  6. Source: 2018-10-21 blog post by the SiaClassic Foundation. Quote: “The Foundation will be supported in four (4) ways: [...] A ten (10) percent development fee on block rewards”.
  7. Source: comment by Jason Gantt (u/siatoshi) in the 2018-10-28 SiaClassic AMA: “That will depend upon what the sia classic community Determines. Since we have received no cooperation from David and his team We are not obligated To provide them with any funding from the siafund but I will let the community decide.”
  8. The minimum block subsidy of SiaPrime was initially set as 50,000, but was changed to 10,000 in December 2018 (source).
  9. Starting at block 105,000, 10% of each SiaPrime block subsidy will be destroyed via proof-of-burn, rather than credited to the developers' fund. This change was announced on 2018-12-04.
  10. The number of SiaPrimeFunds was increased to 30,000 from the original 10,000 by a fork at block 54,550 (2019-11-13). The same fork increases the storage contract fee to 15% from the original 3.9% (announcements: tweet, tweet).
  11. ScPrime was originally known as SiaPrime. The name was changed about 15 months after launch, in January 2020. The ticker symbol remained the same.
  12. ScPrime operated a “Supply Adjustment” in February 2020, altering the definition of 1 SCP by a factor of 1000 (source, FAQ). Namely, what used to be 1000 SCP became 1 SCP. The values in the table assume the new definition.

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