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Reminder: Due to Sia's Foundation hardfork, you must upgrade your Sia wallet software to version 1.5.4 or higher. You can continue to use the same address for mining, and no changes to your configuration are needed. For more information about the fork, click here.

Payouts are performed daily with a threshold of 500 SC, or up to every 6 hours when over 1000 SC.

Date/TimeAmountTransaction IDStatus
2022-09-30 21:55 UTC 155.25 SC e270c6179513accf... confirmed
2022-09-25 21:55 UTC 500.78 SC 5aa852955fb9b248... confirmed
2022-09-21 15:25 UTC 500.19 SC 65172764e28c0259... confirmed
2022-09-17 15:10 UTC 500.41 SC 2cc91555b0c940a9... confirmed
2022-09-13 12:40 UTC 501.21 SC 5c22fe6c1d399f31... confirmed
2022-09-09 04:25 UTC 501.18 SC fcbff2a259635e1d... confirmed
2022-09-05 03:55 UTC 500.02 SC 0567f6f691ce17e1... confirmed
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All-Time Paid Out: 23,639.39 SC

Note: If you have not received one of the payout transactions listed above, please click on the transaction ID to look it up on the Explorer. If the transaction appears there, it is proof that it went through successfully, and that the problem is with the receiving end. If you are using an exchange address, you should contact the exchange.